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Ireland is considered a global leader when it comes to food safety and we are immensely proud to be considered a leader within Ireland.​

It goes without saying that food safety is of the upmost importance to our company. In fact we place it above all else when it comes to food production. We are the only the fresh salad and chilled convenience manufacturer in Ireland to have its own testing laboratory onsite, meaning that we have unmatched capabilities when it comes to turnaround times for vital tests. 

A food safety issue can cause catastrophic damage long-term for brands, it is something everyone in the industry needs to be cognisant of. As a BRC AA accredited company, we take great care in all aspects of production to implement rigorous safety procedures and protocol. We are also a glass free facility which does not handle nuts.

​Our onsite Camden accredited laboratory performs the following services on site at our plant in Drogheda.


  • A professional service, ensuring the reliability, quality and consistency of test procedures.

  • Results generated in accordance with a defined quality system.

  • Camden Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (CLAS) accreditation against the International ISO standard 17025.

  • Efficient result turnaround times leading to quicker reactions times for investigations and corrective actions

  • Both swab and sample testing is conducted - including testing for salmonella, E.Coli, Listeria yeasts and moulds, bacillus testing on cooked products. Hand swabs, air plates, end of life testing and positive release.

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