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We produce fresh,

every day.

We produce Ireland's widest choice of salad products for retail and food service partners in Ireland. Daily, we produce over 300 lines of shelf-ready products, with the ability to create custom combinations that are unique to each customer. What we produce today is delivered today. If you are considering enhancing your fresh food offering then be sure to discuss your options with one of our specialists and enhance your 'fresh' market share.

Choose from a wide variety offering including but not limited to: Bistro, superfood, caesar, spinach, Kale, Italian and iceberg.


Available in leafy salad bowls and bags for retail, food service and industrial markets.


Salad bowls as both an “On the Go” lunch time options incl and as an accompaniment for family meal.

Washed Bagged

& Bowl Salads

Family favourites such as carrot batons, broccoli florets, chef style vegetables, CCB, sliced cabbage and butternut squash chunks.


Range of stuffed mushrooms and peppers, as well as sweet potato wedges and crinkle cut sweet potato chips.


Roasting Trays.


Fajita Kits.




Range of stir fry options,  including microwavable vegetable pouches.


Choose from egg, whole-wheat & rice noodles . 


Spiralised vegetables & cauliflower cous cous.


Microwaveable grain pouches.


Larger family stir fry packs.

Stir Fry Vegetables

& Noodles

Range of Bircher muesli.


Wide range of energy bites (options include coconut, apricot, mint, chocolate and orange) all clean dec and contain no nasties.


Protein pots (egg pots with chicken/spinach).


Crudite platter.

Snacking Range &


Available as single serve options and also as chilled 175ml dressings.


Range of dressings made in-house including: the following: mango, asian, lime & ginger, caesar, honey & mustard, balsamic, raspberry.


Wide selection of side salads including: but not limited to Cous cous, pasta pesto, pearl barley & mozarella, kimchi slaw, edamame bean.


Coleslaw, potato salad, sandwich fillers

(egg mayo, tuna & sweetcorn).


No mayo range of coleslaw, tuna and egg mayo.



Full salad bar offering with seasonal options




Wide range of Lunch time options including: Pastas, grains and salads including front of store options including: Thai style beef salad, Serrano ham, chicken & multigrain, pasta options,


Nutri salads

Lunch Time


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