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Fresh, Innovative,


Nature's Best are one of the largest producers of fresh produce in Ireland. We are committed to working with Irish growers and suppliers, and we source from trusted partners from around the world.

Nature’s Best not only offers fresh prepared produce but also works with partners to develop new products. Our staff are industry leaders, who have a proven record in customer-led innovation. We are unmatched when it comes to the vastness of our offering and we are a global leader in terms of food safety. Thanks to our onsite laboratory we carry out 9,000 interval tests a year and have the capability to deliver results within 24 hours.

We are a welcoming, customer-led facility with a family ethos and an unwavering commitment to quality. Our centre is fully audited, with full traceability and considered to be one of the safest food facilities in the EU.

State-of-the-art production plant

State-Of-The-Art Production

Thanks to our 18-line facility in Drogheda, we are able to take fresh food from farm to shelf within one day. We are rigorous in our approach yet flexible enough to deliver fast-paced solutions to our partners. 

With over 300 employees, it is home to European leaders in fresh food production and food safety.

The facility itself is much more than just a factory. It is a bustling headquarters that includes an 18-line production area, an onsite laboratory, state-of-the-art packaging facilities and innovation rooms, all of which are operated with extensive safety lockdown protocols.

Best positioned to deliver daily


Located in Drogheda, Co Louth, our centre of excellence is the largest purpose-built fresh food facility in Ireland. Our strategic location is ideal in terms of accessibility across the island of Ireland, not to mention our speed of access to the UK and mainland Europe. 


Our Ethos: Quality never compromised.

While our product may be food, our business is actually built around people. Since its founding, Nature’s Best has strived to be a visionary within the sector, working with like-minded, passionate people to build something that is long-lasting and beneficial to the surrounding area and further afield. 

In our work we live by the ethos ‘Quality, never compromised.’ That is how we have grown to become the biggest fresh salad producer in Ireland. It’s why we have our own testing laboratory onsite and it’s why partners come to us to develop ideas and bring new products to market. We strive to be innovators, thought-leaders and to contribute to a sustainable future for Irish food.

What does ‘Quality, never comprised’ mean?

It means rigorous safety measures to ensure our food is of the highest standard. It means ethical sourcing and holding our growers to the same standard we hold ourselves. Quality, never compromised means that we put your brand first. As a renowned private label producer, we work with partners to build their reputation within in the Irish market. 

And lastly, it means having a constant eye on the future. Whether it be through logistical and manufacturing innovation within our team or through helping the food leaders of tomorrow, in our Green Shoots programme - which provides fledging food companies with logistical and expert support - Nature’s Best works night and day to be a pioneer of healthy food and deliver exceptional results. As part of our company ethos, we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace culture; where everyone can reach their full potential. 

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